Time is an interesting concept and one that many don't really have a firm grasp of.

I am often asked how I can manage four kids, house work, cooking, homework, etc. This question often baffles me because while it's not easy, I do find it manageable at the best of times and although manic, still orderly at the worst.

My answer is simple- prioritize. If something is important to me, it will get done. Coffee with friends, helping with the piano or violin, reading a book to someone or by myself- I find time for all these things, because they are of value to me and I see the value it has on my relationships.

The mother of all pet-peeves is when someone tells me they have no time. Really? Or are you just not making time. I don't want someone to admit it to my face that they don't prioritize me, but at least be honest with yourself....


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