mind and body

I've always been interested in eating healthy and how certain foods affect our bodies. During my undergraduate work I spent a lot of time with children who were on special diets- no gluten, no preservatives, no eggs, etc. Some of these children were on diets because their parents were trying to understand and better their child's disease or disorder. Others were on diets due to allergies. This led me to do my senior thesis on food that the schools (and, I guess you could say, the government) were providing for school children. It was appalling the number of colorings and preservatives in each and every item on the menu-- including the vegetables and fruit.

But, I never considered the affect our diet could have on our creativity until last night when I read Maggie Stiefvater's blog post: Writer's Feed Your Brain.

As a writer or a creative person, it behooves you to listen to your body. Because focus and concentration are the first things to go when you’re eating something your body doesn’t care for.

So, no more coffee at the writing table.... 


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