post-xmas/pre-new year

The cooking, baking, cleaning, shopping and wrapping demands of the season prevented me from sitting down to my normal writing routine from the 23rd until today. I have to say, that those 3 days were the 'intolerance' equivalent to the entire 2 months of my kid's school holidays.

You know how at the beginning of a holiday it feels good to sleep in and not adhere to any sort of schedule, but by the end of a week or two, you're really ready to start setting the alarm and getting yourself in order. Well, I have to say, with my kid's school holiday, this is the first year that I've been enjoying every moment. I think it has to do with the fact that my oldest is in proper school now, so the past year was full of homework, studying and lots of new activities. The school holidays meant that we could reclaim our weekends and our schedule was no longer dictated by her schools (yes, school's': regular Monday thru Friday, Saturday Punjabi and Sunday school). I know all of this is coming into double force come January since my second will be joining her, but for now I'm still enjoying the extra sleep-- even if I don't have a shred of free time away from them.

BUT, when it comes to my writing time, well 3 days away from it and it drove me nuts. As I was preparing food and prepping for parties, I found myself narrating chapters in my head and jotting things down on goopy napkins. I couldn't wait for today-- for my husband to go back to work and my kids to pass out from a sugar high on the couch from candy canes and chocolate chip cookies, so I could start writing again. I completed my daily quota, but I'm still mulling over some things and have an outline sketched for what I plan on completing tonight when they're in bed. My word count for today may actually be on par, if not exceed, what I would have written during my 3 days away.

So here's to the holidays and to a new year full of new possibilities!


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