As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was away for the month of June. The kids were out of school and we were free of our usual scheduled restraints. Time was in abundance. It also helped that it stayed light until 9.30 every evening. The days stretched out their arms and we ran into its embrace.

BUT, our four weeks holiday felt short and rushed, nonetheless.

Now, I’m home (in the physical sense of the word), the kids are back at school, and I am really looking forward to the ‘segments’ of time that allow me to write and get back into my pre-holiday groove.

Has it happened as I’d planned? Sort of.

I think nothing can detract you from your goals. If you are passionate and determined, you will make time for the things that matter. So, I do make time for my writing.

I just read THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING by Linda Urban. It’s a very sweet and well-constructed book that explores the ideas of metaphysics in an endearing way. Just like Ruby Pepperdine grasps the concept of relativity, I too have had my own little epiphany of time.

The Center of Everything

Whenever I’ve been out of my routine for even a day, I have high hopes and, perhaps, delusions that I’ll have all the more time the next day. Then, this weekend during our weekly grocery shopping, something hit me. An epiphany in the shampoo aisle? Call it what you will, but I recently read and heard from two people something that I long have suspected. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy face washes. You can use a mild baby soap and that’s really all you need. So, when I put my $15 face wash back and grabbed the J&J baby soap that was 2 for $7.50, I justified buying the organic acacia berry shampoo for $23. I figured if I was going to save money on face wash, I could redistribute it in my shampoo fund.

Mathematically this could perhaps make sense in the long term. I guess the 2 bottles of baby soap would last me most of the year used as face wash, so really I am saving money, but really I’m just trying to justify the purchase of an expensive shampoo that doesn’t really de-frizz my hair as promised. Then again, I do live in Singapore, so maybe I’m just fighting a losing battle.

And perhaps you could say, I have four kids so I’m essentially fighting a losing time battle, too. But, with these grand delusions of time and fully-fleshed, completed novels, I do get writing done and I have hope of at least one of them coming to fruition. 


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