2 books 1 hot air balloon

Not only do both of these books feature hot air balloons on their cover,
they share other similarities, too.
FORTUNATELY, THE MILK is intentionally silly and random; whereas,
A TANGLE OF KNOTS is seamlessly connected. 

Both, however, conveniently send a hot air balloon
just in the knick of time. 

I loved both of these books for very different reasons. FORTUNATELY, THE MILK is a perfect family read. It's quirky, fun, and totally silly. The illustrations are entertaining and complete an otherwise perfectly goofy read.

A TANGLE OF KNOTS was surprising and different and pulled off perfectly. 
It's set in our present world, but with a tiny twist of Talents that was woven in so beautifully and magically. There is nothing random about the lives and events entangled together in such a charming way.

Fortunately, the Milk
A Tangle of Knots


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