NaNo Rule #1: Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

Okay, so I did in fact achieve my goal today, but I decided to change how I blog about it this year. So, all my posts will be NaNo Rule # 1, 2, etc.

Today's Rule #1 is: Nothing Ever Goes As Planned.

Sitting at my desk (aka the dining room table), words spilling out across the glowing pages of my laptop, a satisfactory sip of coffee and relaxing stretch after only one hour...

That's how I envisioned my first day of NaNo 2013.

But, alas, like all our best laid plans, that is not at all how it transpired.

My kids decided to get in a fight over socks, making us rush out the door to the school bus (which only 2 get on, but the other 2 follow). Then I rush back inside, turn on the TV for my youngest so I can get a shower and tell my oldest to put the Halloween candy up high so her brother won't snatch any and then remind her of what she needs to pack so I can drop her at her friends on the way to drop my son at school.

Showered, ready, on schedule (only three candy wrappers under the couch, at least no chocolate on the furniture) BUT I can't find the car keys.....

Three text messages later, my husband took the car.... Rain clouds looming, imagining the bus ride (because a taxi in the rain is about as impossible as me putting on my 2nd daughter's super hero costume from last night and flying), so I call the school, tell them my son won't be there and I tell the 2 kids to grab their scooters, we're walking/scootering to the friend's house.

But, of course, it's not just a drop-off (and I really, really do love this mom and enjoyed my cup of tea and hour long chat, I really, really did!). Eventually I get home and put my son in front of his trains and start to type, but remember we have to go to family's tomorrow for Diwali, so I quickly throw some ingredients into the bread machine and get back to typing.

I manage to get 700 words in before getting the middle 2 off the bus, then I get the remaining 1,000 done once my son is down for his nap-- AND I still have time to blog about it!



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