Leibster Award

I've been nominated for the Leibster Award by Sara Eastler and here are the following questions I get to answer:
1) What’s the best book you’ve read recently in your genre?
Contemporary MG is the genre I write, so the best Contemp. MG I've read recently would have to be Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere. I loved the setting, voice and the characters. It's not my favorite book, but it was definitely a good Contemp MG.
2) How do you stay motivated to write?
I'm a bit of a sadist by nature. I torture myself with deadlines and wrack myself with guilt when I not only fail to meet them, but don't exceed them. Plus, I think many of us moms like to work toward validation. But, I wouldn't torture myself if I didn't love what I was doing and believe in what I write.
3) What would you like to tell us about your current WIP?
Well, I just completed NaNo (one of my more recent sadist goals- NaNo in 12 days-- original goal was 15 days) and it was an idea that I found amusing and is loosely based on a personal experience. It's embarrassing and needs some major overhauling, but let's just say it involves bees and a pageant. 

4) What is your main character’s biggest obstacle?
In my WIP the MC's biggest obstacle is believing in herself. That's internal, her external goal is to help keep her town thriving so her best friend's family won't leave. 

5) Do you have a writing ritual?
Um, not a ritual perse, but I do little things like tell myself that if I can just meet x goal (eg. revise two chapters or complete 3,000 words) then I can make a cup of coffee or skim Twitter for 10 minutes. I use my phone timer a LOT when I'm writing. 

6) Who is your author role model and why?
Madeline L'Engle. I loved her as a kid and love her more as an adult. There hasn't been anything she's written that I haven't read and re-read. I quote her all the time. 

7) Are you a planner or pantser?
Planner. I don't constrain myself to the "plan" I've set, I'm always surprised by the details and personal histories that come out of various characters, but overall the plot is very planned. 

8) Please share a favorite line or scene from your manuscript!
Ummm... If you want a line, I'll have to go with a line from my favorite manuscript, not the NaNo 14 I discussed above. The first line of my manuscript Karma Khullar's Mustache is: Dadima used to tell me drinking milk everyday would make me as strong as a lion. She never told me it'd make me as hairy as one, too. 

9) How do you approach villains in your work?
Because I write contemporary, my villains are people I know and the person I can be when my kids are misbehaving...

10) What advice do you have for other authors?
Find people with similar goals as you. Sara Eastler and I met through Write On Con and I've loved being connected to her and the other writers who share similar goals and have driven personalities. And, of course, keep writing. 
Thanks, Sara for nominating me! x


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