Main characters as mirrors is what drove me to write KARMA KHULLAR'S MUSTACHE. I waited my entire childhood for Judy Blume to write about a hairy girl. It never happened. So, when I decided to take my writing more seriously and pursue publication, Karma was who popped into my head.

She is me and my own girls all mixed into one. While I myself am not Punjabi, I was hairy and often teased for looking different than most of my classmates and peers. I remember in kindergarten vowing to only marry a blond guy. There was no way I wanted to pass on my renegade hair gene to my children. Alas, I married the exact opposite! My husband is Indian-Singaporean.

Writing Karma was a way for me to let other girls know they're not alone. SOOOO many women deal with facial and body hair, it's not just a guy problem. But also, facial hair doesn't define Karma. She's got lots of other stuff going on, too.

I'm so honored that Pooja Makhijani reached out, asking for a copy of Karma to share in her Teen Vogue article. There's a great list of books that I hope serve as mirrors to all girls out there!


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