It's wonderful to re-read a book you loved as a child and find you love it even more as an adult. This happens every time I read Beverly Cleary, L.M. Montgomery, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, the list goes on.

Recently I've come across two authors, one who's been writing since the '90's and the other just in the last few years.

I'll start with the former: Morris Gleitzman. I'm not certain why I've yet to come across him until recently unless his books weren't marketed in the U.S. He's a native to England, but now lives in Australia. His book BOY OVERBOARD is well-know and well-loved by many.
Boy Overboard 

I started reading his books about a month ago and each week I get two more from the library (I can only borrow 6 at a time, so I have to divvy it up). Gleitzman does such an amazing job of tackling mature issues, but keeping it light and some-what up-beat for his intended audience- which is 9-12 year olds. So far my favorite has been BUMFACE, but it's way to early in my reading list to start naming definite favorites...

A Whole Lot of LuckyThe Summer of Moonlight Sec...Me & Jack
Violet Raines Almost Got St...Dannette Haworth is my second new discovery.  VIOLET RAINES ALMOST GETS STRUCK BY LIGHTENING is a perfect coming of age story. Haworth then surprised me with her second book THE SUMMER OF MOONLIGHT SECRETS. It's much more magical than her first and written so beautifully. I just finished ME AND JACK and now I'm counting down for the release of A WHOLE LOT OF  LUCKY.

These two authors are so incredible, I've been reading them aloud to my kids in the hope that one day they will look back and site them both on a list of authors and books that touched them as a kid.


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