To Enter Contest or Not to Enter Contest...

I've recently become apart of a larger group of writers who are driven and goal oriented. It's been a huge whirlwind of new eyes to critique my work and so many new opportunities to get my writing out there.

Most of these "out there" facets are contests. Through these contests that I haven't personally entered, I've watched this writing group get partial and full requests and a couple agented. It's exciting and motivating, but I keep feeling like there has been so much I've missed out on. I thought taking my Writer's Digest webinars with agents and editor who I cyber-stalk was the only way I could get my foot in the door and have an advantage in the slush pile, but now I realize that there a so many other (and cheaper) ways to get noticed.

Because of WriteOnCon I did get my first ever partial request so I do believe in the power of putting yourself out there. I've been riding on that partial request affirmation (even though it ended in a rejection) for a couple weeks now, but, alas, it is wearing off and as I'm about to start NaNoWriMo I'm feeling more inadequate than ever.

Then, today I saw this blogpost by Jennifer Laughran at How Did I Find My Clients This sentiment that writers should still query the old fashioned way has been reiterated by nearly every agent who had been apart of any of the contests I've entered or considered entering.

I still plan on taking apart in a webinar through Writer's Digest later today Making Your Children's Book Shine and Stand Out Above the Rest and two other contests (#PitchMAS and Miss Snark's Baker's Dozen), but I also plan to continue sending out my queries and hope that I'm just doubling my chances! x


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