love to hate

Ok, so this is totally old news and I hate to bring up the past, BUT I can't resist Erasure and I heard LOVE TO HATE YOU today and one thought led to another....

I've been doing a lot of reading about the craft of writing and one topic that is harped on quite a lot is lack of strong character- belief in who they are, or care of what they want, etc. Bella Swan and therefore Stephanie Meyer are ALWAYS used to make this point.

I have to admit, I was really addicted to the Twilight series and devoured the books. Definitely, I had my issues along the way and was completely let down by the ending (Zzzzzzz). BUT I think what stuck with me was how easy it was to read. I would read 30plus pages without realizing it. Of course, I'm sure I'd be much more nit-picky if I were to go through it for a second time (which is why I haven't bothered to read the books again).

Having said that, I read lots of books twice. Maybe I know these particular ones won't be as good the second time around. I did pull Eclipse off the shelf this afternoon and started reading the first chapter and I was laughing (not because it was intended to be funny...), so I put it back.

I'm not ready to get rid of them, but I'm not ready to read them again either. I have to say, even if she wrote sloppy prose, she's the one laughing now!

DISCLAIMER: The only link worth clicking on is LOVE TO HATE YOU! 


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