author: linda urban

If you love reading middle grade books or you are looking for a few for someone else, please check out

both by

A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT is her first novel. Its quirky, funny and heart-warming. Zoe Elias' father gets her a Perfectone D-60 instead of a piano for her birthday. I laughed imagining her organ teacher and her playing the theme songs to shows from NickAtNite and 70's TV shows. Zoe is such a great character. She loves her father despite his condition and she is true to herself while still finding room to grow. This is a great book for any girl around 9-12!

In HOUND DOG TRUE, Linda Urban creates a completely different character from Zoe. Mattie is shy and unsure of everything. Linda's voice is so beautiful I found myself tearing up at simple sentences. She paints a beautiful picture of shy Mattie trying to find her place and voice in a big and crazy world. Any shy girl would love reading this and watching Mattie come out of her shell.


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