taking every moment captive

Moments in between is the title of my blog. It's also been a sort of life mantra. I don't get chunks of time to myself anymore-- even my sleep is disturbed nearly every night by someone needing something. So, I do have to truly take each moment as it comes and do as much as I can.

This morning after vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the bathrooms, I took a quick shower and took my little boy for a walk to get some things at the shop. These morning walks are very special moments. They help me to clear my head, say some prayers and get inspiration and my son gets to enjoy some fresh air and yell at birds and trucks.

I was walking home balancing a cappuccino in one hand, attempting to steer the pram around construction with the other when BAM! inspiration hit. I had to write down the new ideas I had for my WIP. I stopped in the shade of the nearest bus stop to scratch some lines on the back of a receipt and them a bit further down the road I had to stop again and send myself about 3 texts because I was out of paper.

Just two days ago I was reading Erin Bow's blog entry: Treadmill Desks for the Complete Klutz. It seems walking is a great inspiration to many writers, but I was wondering if they will ever create a pram desk??? I could have used one today!

And speaking of Erin Bow, you must read Plain Kate.


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