So, a friend of mine posted this quote on FB:

Keeping your house clean when you have kids 
is like trying to brush your teeth while
 eating Oreos.

This is such a vivid metaphor! Instantly, I'm imagining myself in the mirror shoveling cookies in on one side and brushing furiously on the other. 

Everyday I feel like this-- not just about keeping my house clean. When I get up in the morning, actually I think it starts when I go to bed at night, I think of all the terrible things I did that day-- all the times I lost my temper, all the times I snapped at the kids, all the missed opportunities. The guilt piles up and I pray and I ask for patience and forgiveness, but by eight o'clock the next morning, I'm already feeling that patience slip away... 

It's like those Oreos are determined to march into my mouth and clutter my thinking. I try to get them back with my toothbrush, but it's a vicious battle. No matter how vigilant I am, those black crumbs just keep muddling everything up!

I guess the only solution is to drink a big glass of milk and wash the Oreos down with the toothpaste!


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