SCUMBLE by ingrid law

These past few weeks I've been buried in research, which actually means I've had my nose in the bindings of piles of borrowed books from the library.

I love discovering new MG books as an adult AND rediscovering my old favorites, but recently I've been reading books that agents suggests on their sites. The good thing about my research is that I've been picking up books that I never would have before. For instance, I just read SUGAR AND ICE by Kate Messner, which I actually fell in love with, even though I though I'd hate it.

SCUMBLE, on the other hand, is right up my alley. I love books full of make believe, but planted here in our own familiar world. SCUMBLE is actually the companion to SAVVY, which is what I initially went to get at the library, but it was checked out. Having said that, you can still read SCUMBLE without feeling like you are on the outside of an inside joke.

Ingrid Law is a master with word combinations and sentence construction. An interview with her she even says:

One day, I sat down and decided to write a single crazy sentence 
without thinking about it too hard and without judging it too much. 
I wrote: “When my brother Fish turned thirteen, we moved to the deepest 
part of inland because of the hurricane 
and, of course, the fact that he’d caused it.” 
It’s still the first sentence of the book! 
The whole story grew out of that simple, spontaneous writing exercise.

I thought that was great! Her entire book reads just like her first sentence. 

SCUMBLE, itself a beautiful word (she explains the meaning in the book and it's truly a perfect fit!), was an irresistible read. 

One thing I will say, the book is EPIC-LONG, yes-- 400 pages long! Around page 260, I was beginning to think-- 'Get to the point already...' 

It's not that I found the book dragging, because Law is great at keeping the pace going, but I was kind of wondering how many 7-11 years old would stick it out for 400 pages, when I, myself, was getting a bit like 'Halfway?! What else can happen?' On principle I read to the end and found it satisfying and perhaps the predictability was because I'm older, but none the less it was a good read. 

Probably the saving grace of the book, is Law's amazing voice. She is wicked-funny! 

WHO SHOULD READ THIS? Anybody who feels out of place or like their family is from Mars. Ledge is a 13 year old boy and it's hilarious inside his head! Girls will love this book too.

WHY SHOULD YOU READ THIS? Ingrid Law is amazing! Her writing will make you laugh and your imagination spin like a top.



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