NaNoWriMo Day 4

So, my first official weekend of Nano is over. I have to say, I was really worried it would throw me off-track, but there is something to be said for letting the kiddos watch movies and eat candy on the weekends!

Today's word count: 2,164

To be honest, this is a first draft, so I know I'm not writing as concise as I would normally. It actually feels pretty good to just let it all pour out of me. Even though I'm working from a roughly drawn up outline, it's really freeing to let the backstory reveal itself to me in Isa's thoughts.

I had a rough idea that her parents would be Indian immigrants from Uganda, but I still haven't determined to what extent that will play into the story. So far, it's only come across as a few words here and there her family uses when the talk to one another, but I'm finding it needs to be slightly more overt because it is, after all, the core of who Isa is and why her parents do some of the things they do.

My daily duties today were:

1. Isa needs to meet her Inciting Event.

2. Build the drama to reveal a subplot with Maggie and the Frank's financial troubles.

3. Introduce Steve, aka Slugworth. 

TOTAL words so far: 7,622

ONLY 42,378 more to go! 


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