NaNo Rule #10: Be Inspired

Motivation is not really an issue for me during NaNo. NaNo itself is my motivation, but the small seeds of doubt creep up at about this time.

I wonder if I have a strong enough plot, or a plot at all. My characters start to change on me, they become people I hadn't really expected them to be, so I have to rethink their actions and reactions. This starts a snowball effect for the plot points I'd put in place.

It's not a bad thing to have your work evolve and your thinking challenged, but doubt is bad. I need to be inspired. Usually I delve into a book on writing craft. My three go-to's are: WRITING IRRESISTIBLE KID LIT by Mary Kole, PLOT VERSUS CHARACTER by Jeff Gerke, and SECOND SIGHT by Cheryl Klein.

BUT, I just got an email from WRITER'S DIGEST informing me of Cheryl Klein's workshop coming up on the 17th.... Should I??? I'm hoping there are spots still available. This may just be the inspiration I need...



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