NaNo Rule #8: Sit

Yes. Sit.

Last year aside from a word goal, I set a personal goal at the same time. I challenged myself to not get out of my chair until I'd written 1,000 words. My reward was to get up and make a cup of tea or coffee. About halfway through NaNo, I didn't need the incentive anymore. I was able to crank out the words and I kept the coffee till the end.

This year, I'm having trouble sticking to this rule. In fact, I've mostly been doing my writing in 20 minute segments. There's homework, dinner, diapers, kids coming over, my kids running out, etc. I try to choose a time when everyone is settled, currently it's while my son naps and the others are sorted on Minecraft or with their Furby app and, when I'm lucky, a book. Realistically, anything will do as long as they don't need me...

Then, I came across the following article and it details how successful people accomplish what they do. It was echoed in the NaNoWriMo pep talk from today as well. It boils down to an uninterrupted chunk of time.

Maybe that not always possible and uninterrupted means different things for various people. Currently, uninterrupted to me means minimal interruptions because even if I wait until 8pm to do my writing, someone is bound to have a bad dream and my husband requires attention too.

So, my goal is to sit and write and save the reward till the end.



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