NaNo Rule #6: Feed Your Brain (and your body) Your Creativity Will Thank You!

Your brain needs amino acids to work... and a lot of other stuff. This morning I had to concede to something very fundamental: Man cannot live on bread alone. Or, in my case, cereal and the crusts of my kids sandwiches.

My NaNo time falls during the time I would normally be preparing dinner for my family. It just so happens that my husband is busy with a conference this week, so he's not eating at home. The rest of us eat pretty simple when he's not around, so I've been making simple meals for my kids and then I don't worry about myself until they're in bed. By then it's eight plus and I don't want to mess up any dishes, so I just have cereal or toast with coffee or tea. I also drink more coffee and tea during the morning and afternoon during NaNo, so it's an all around mess with my brain.

It's only Day 6 and I was feeling so wacky this morning and I knew it was because my body was craving protein. So, an avocado smoothie, cannellini bean pasta and only three cups of coffee later, I really felt the difference with my writing. Maybe it wasn't drastically better in caliber, but it was definitely more coherent... not that you can tell by this blog...


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