NaNo Rule #22: It's Okay To "Cheat"

With quotation marks, please note.

I'm not a proponent of cheating. Mm mm, no way.

Let me explain here. So, today was a manic day. I knew it was going to be manic. So, last night I wasn't really in the mood or even in the zone or even on a roll with my writing, but I knew I wouldn't be able to spend the time I wanted to today writing.

I convinced myself I'd write about 500-700 words last night just to get started so when I got home tonight I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed by word count.

Okay, so technically I could have just written a big chunk yesterday and a small chunk today and it would all work out and be the same word count. Right?


Not only would it bug me that my daily average had been affected, it would totally damage my flow. I want to have a daily word count because it's like a routine now. So, even if I wrote 1,042 words last night and the remainder today, it still feels like I wrote it today and I feel better and my average stays higher and all is well that ends well.



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