NaNo Rule #7: Take Time To Read Everything Except Your WIP

I learned this last year and I adhere to it this year, too.

Re-reading turns on the editor side of me and the knit-picky word choices and, in general, just slows me down.

NaNo is time to get it all out on the page and there is no time to stop and worry about all the small stuff now. I focus on the bigger picture, plot and turning points. I'll focus on consistent tense and timelines and all that later.

Reading other things is inspiring when you start to feel underwhelmed with your work. Today was library day in our house. I spent the hour after dinner and showers reading all about duck-billed dinosaurs, monster trucks, fairies and a skeleton who solved a mystery. Very diverse and surprisingly inspirational.

I also keep my reading goal of two books a week even during NaNo. It's something to look forward to when my writing's done and so much more brain worthy than turning on the TV.



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