NaNo Rule #9: Is 1,600 words 1,600 words if no one reads them?

Yesterday and today my writing came freely, but I also was very aware in the back of my mind that while this writing is very essential for me to really be in my MC's head, most of it will be deleted, or at least never used in the final cut.

So, does this really count? If I were working outside of NaNo, it would probably be a separate file or most likely something I'd have done in the preliminary stages of character development. Then again, if this wasn't NaNo, there are a lot of things I would do differently. I wouldn't be churning out word after word in such a linear and direct progression. I would sit and contemplate and restructure entire scenes, sentences and probably the entire plot.

BUT, that is exactly the beauty of my take on NaNo-- I get to just let it all spew out on the page. Yes, I did outline and think of scene ideas and I did do free writing in each character's voice before November 1st, so this isn't just words gone wild. NaNo for me is one big push to get the first draft out. So, even if not all of this makes the cut, it still counts.



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